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I can’t recommend the Pilates classes at Centre Stage Dance Studio enough. Each class is different and the activity is quietly vigorous: you get a full body workout but you leave the class feeling like you’ve had a massage.  It builds muscle definition, strength and balance. Great for anyone at any level. 

"I love dance because it gives me a challenge and the music makes me unbelievably happy."    Teagan, age 9

“I love love love the Pilates classes at Centre Stage. I have been taking them for over a decade and Donna is by far the absolute BEST instructor I have ever encountered. I have had the chance to experience a number of different classes and instructors over many years but I have stayed with Donna because she truly cares about your class experience and needs. She is amazing at coaching you through each move and talking you through correct form and posture as well as teaching you how to breathe properly and for the greatest benefit.  She is knowledgeable and knows first hand what it's like to have physical issues, problems or recoveries. The care and direction you receive from Centre Stage Pilates classes is by far the best I have ever experienced. Thanks for years of helping me to improve!!!”

“Hip hop boot camp is lots of fun, laughs and a good work out too!”

"I like dance because I like the music. It makes me happy."
Shelby, age 6

“Love to dance because it's a great way to relax and let go of all the stress you had earlier that day!”
Carmen, age 12

“I love playing the freeze dance and having snacks.”
Eden, age 3

“I have been dancing at Centre Stage since I was 4 years old and I love it here.  I’ve been taught by both Miss Michelle and Miss Donna, and they are awesome teachers. I love Centre Stage because everyone is so nice and it is so welcoming. When I walk in the door, it feels like home to me.  I love coming to dance just knowing that I will have fun and that I will get to dance with my friends.  Centre Stage is an AMAZING studio, and it feels like home.”
Izabell, age 12

“I like doing the tendue, plié, hop and spin.”
Sebastian, age 5

“I take the adult hip hop boot camp class and love it!!   Since starting the class I have seen my flexibility improve and my confidence in doing activities outside of my comfort zone shift and it's safe to say I can learn a routine and perform it.   I look forward to the class every week- it's a good workout, while being fun at the same time and it's also good 'me' time.   I love that it shows my girls that you are never too old to do something and that it involves me in their dance in a new way.”

“I like the combination of structure and personal creativity in the classes.”
Sebastian’s Mom

“I love jazz and ballet.  I also like Miss Donna because she lets us do the robot dance.  It is so much fun.”
Milo, age 5

“I love Centre Stage because I love to dance and love going to dance camp in the summer. Miss Kirsten, Miss Michelle and Miss Donna are amazing teachers and teach us lots.”
Abigail, age 8

“When my kids got a little older I decided it was time to do something for myself again, so I've been attending Pilates classes with Miss Donna for the last 5 years and I love it!  I would describe yoga as mostly relaxation, whereas Pilates can be a really good workout (although you can go at your own pace).  Maybe you've got an ache or pain or maybe you're not good at certain types of exercises but you don't have to feel like you're being judged :)  Miss Donna never does the same class twice, so I'm never bored and I'm amazed that she's still teaching us new moves after all these years!  In addition to the physical benefits, I also feel that it helps me de-stress after a long day at the office.  There are a number of "regulars", so it has also provided an opportunity for social connections.  I came as a walk-in guest one Tuesday evening and I've never looked back!  I definitely feel like I've gained a number of benefits and intend to continue doing Pilates for many years to come.”

“I have been dancing at Centre Stage for 2 years. I have taken lyrical, jazz and tap. I have also taken an acro class. What I love about Centre Stage is the upbeat music and learning  the new moves. Everyone is friendly and I love my dance teachers. The dance teachers help us to learn new moves and give us high fives to cheer us on. CENTRE STAGE IS AWESOME!!”  :)
Cassidy, age 8

“At Centre Stage . . .They play cool music that we can dance to any way we like. The teachers are really nice - when it's hard, they help me. I like learning to skip. Our teachers are beautiful dancers! I like doing tap and ballet! And jazz too! We learn really fun dances - like the Robot one. I love when they wind us up! The colouring contests and Halloween dress up make dance really fun. We love looking at all the pictures on the walls.”
Makinley, age 5 and Kalina, age 3

“We thank the staff for welcoming the King girls into the Centre Stage Studio family. Since day one of us approaching Centre Stage about registering we have received nothing but the best treatment. Our daughters are learning from some of the most knowledgeable and talented dance professionals in the Region, which is fabulous.  However, what is most important is the girls are having lots of fun!”
Makinley and Kalina’s parents

“I like jazz. I like skipping forward and backward. Miss Donna and Miss Michelle are my favourite teachers. I like the part where we do our shuffles at tap. I love dance!"
Starryn, age 5

“I love Centre Stage because I learn so many new things and the teachers are so nice to me.”
Adrienne, age 10

" I like centre stage dance studio because of the great teachers that make it fun,,,and it is a fun way to get exercise."
Deanna, age 8

“I have been dancing at Centre Stage since I was 3 and every teacher that has taught me is so kind. They are so understanding and they encourage every dancer to try their hardest.”
Sarah, age 13

 “I like dance class because I like doing dance.  I like my tap tap shoes and all the fun stuff we do.  I like dancing to the music!”
Neela, age 3

“I love it at Centre Stage because our teachers take their time and help us do what we love to do…dance.”
Julia, age 11

“I love dancing at Centre Stage because everyone is so friendly and the environment can make any bad day a great one.”
Brinn, age 16

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